Service & Fees

IVF-ET Frozen-Embryo Transfer Male Infertility
Routine Lab (including ultrasound) Thawing of Embryos TESE(Testicular Sperm Extraction)
Drug Administration COH
(Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation)
Embryo Culture Testicular tissue cryopreservation & thawing
Egg Retrieval Assisted Hatching(AHA) T-biopsy
Insemination of Oocytes (ICSI) Embryo Glue Y chromosome defect test
Embryo culture Embryo transfer OP lab
Assisted Hatching (AHA) Hormone support until first pregnancy test
Embryo Glue
Embryo transfer
Hormone support until first pregnancy test
Egg Freezing (Optional)
Total process=$5,500~$6,500~ =$2,000~$2,500 =$1,500~$2,500
Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy Center Recurrent miscarriage Definition: 2 or more pregnancy losses
Myoma Chromosome analysis
Ectopic pregnancy HSG, cervical culture
Endometriosis Auto Ab test(ACA,LAC)
Intraperitoneal adhesion Hereditary thrombophism test
Ovarian cyst DNA polymorphism test
PCOS Autoimmune, alloimmune
IVIG, high dose progesterone therapy
=$2,000~$4,000 =$1,500~


Residence exclusively for foreigners (floor 2)

Our hospital provides comfortable accomodations for foreign patients. CL hospital has very comfortable kitchen-room where our patients can prepare their own meals.

Residence exclusively for foreigners (floor 3)

From single room to family room, there is a room for foreign patients to heal their mind and body comfortably in a home-like atmosphere rather than a hospital during treatment.

Guide to CLWH Culture Center

CLWH created a Culture Center for foreign patients who come from different countries to communicate and exchange each culture and interests during their stay at CL Hospital. Also foreign patients can enjoy a cup of tea / relax massage, and watch TV in their native languages.